Mike Ho unveils birth of baby girl on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Ho, who has a daughter, surprised his fans by announcing on Tuesday that his second daughter just came to this world. (圖/賀軍翔臉書 | Courtesy of Mike Ho)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Mike Ho (賀軍翔) has long captivated fans’ hearts with his affectionate image and good-looking smile.

The 36-year-old actor, who walked down the aisle with her non-celebrity girlfriend in 2017, has been focusing on accompanying his family since then.

The Taiwanese entertainer surprised his fans on Wednesday when he announced the birth of his second daughter. 

“Daddy’s second significant other from a prior life! Welcome to the world~~ daddy’s second princess,” Ho posted to Facebook with a family photo. He also wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. 

Ho’s first daughter is holding her little sister.(Courtesy of Mike Ho / Facebook)

Fans poured into Ho’s Facebook page and sent their congratulations.

One fan commented “ I’m so happy that you finally become a dad of 2 daughters,” while another exclaimed: “ You’re so lucky to spend Valentine’s Day with three beautiful ladies!”