Full-time jobs hard to come by for first-time seekers: poll

At a job fair in July. (CNA)

TAIPEI (CNA) – More than half of those fresh out of school in Taiwan this year are still looking for full-time jobs with which they are satisfied, according to the results of a survey released by job search website yes123 Tuesday.

Citing the results of a survey conducted from Aug. 5-18, 59.1 percent of the 1,238 respondents were still looking for work, while only 40.9 percent had found a job, yes123 said.

Among those who have not found full-time employment, 71 percent had yet to find a job, while 29 percent were unhappy with their new jobs and had already quit to look for another job, according to the survey.

On average, first-time jobseekers sent out an average of 20 letters before getting a job interview and went through 5.4 interviews before getting an offer, the survey showed.

That means first-time jobseekers on average have to submit 108 resumes before they land a job, yes123 spokesperson Yang Tsung-pin (楊宗斌) said.

The survey also revealed the psychological impact on jobseekers, with 90.3 percent of the respondents citing economic factors as the main pressure, yes123 said.

Responding to a multiple-choice question on how they overcome their economic difficulties, 70.2 percent said they are supported by parents or relatives, while 50.2 percent live on personal savings, the survey showed.

In addition, 38.8 percent had to take part-time jobs as a result, 14.4 percent had to pawn personal belongings and 6.6 percent were able to secure loans from financial institutions, the survey showed.

The survey had a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.79 percentage points, yes123 said.