Singaporean student plays Pokemon on ingenious ‘Melonboy’

(Screengrab from @Cedishappy/YouTube)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Imagine that you are on the MRT and a young man sitting next to you is playing video games on a watermelon-like console.

That’s the unusual sight some people recently experienced in Singapore when a teenager was seen playing “Pokemon Go” on a self-built console made of a watermelon, a screen and some buttons. 

Cedrick Tan, a student from the Singapore Management University, has been tinkering with the project on YouTube which has led to him building his own version of Pokemon Emerald inside a fruit.

An avid creator, Tan’s long list of projects include turning a map into a blank canvas for augmented reality, finding a way to send messages to Telegram using Microsoft Excel, and building a playable Game Boy Advance inside a watermelon.

(Screengrab from @Cedishappy/YouTube)

When asked about his project, Tan said: “When it came down to actually making the Melonboy, it happened to be really convenient seeing as the melon was very spacious on the inside allowing me to wire everything up with ease.”

The Game Boy emulator can then be loaded and run with the same software as the original game. Inside the scooped-out melon, a power bank, buttons, a 1.8-inch screen, loudspeakers are assembled. 

According to Tan, the construction took about a month; though he blamed the time-length on a faulty device integral to the game boy. Without the problem, the watermelon-based console could have been finished in less than a week, he said.

(Screengrab from @Cedishappy/YouTube)

“As an information systems student, I have no background in electrical engineering, so learning that from scratch took some time,” Tan recalled. The result is a working game console, complete with a Game Boy Advance emulator and a game controller.

But the best thing about Tan’s video is the public’s reaction to the watermelon game boy.

On a visit to the market, he played the game console surrounded by real watermelons, which provoked weird looks from passers-by.

(Screengrab from @Cedishappy/YouTube)

Tan also recalled being quizzed about the device when he brought it into a train station.

A distressed SMRT staff asked him about the strange device, and after hearing his explanation, requested him to show it to her colleagues.

In addition, Tan said he also experienced another unforeseen problem where someone complained that he was carrying a watermelon bomb.

Tan also posted on Reddit about his clumsy contraption, where he received plenty of praise, inspiring him to build different versions in the future, including avocados and coconuts.

Unfortunately, Tan revealed that the watermelon had rotted just a few days after his YouTube video was uploaded.

However, Tan vowed to continue making his creations and could take on the challenge of turning the durian into a game that could be called StinkyBoy’s Pain Game.