Japan unveils handheld face masks for elegant diners

Screengrab from https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20200826/k10012583821000.html

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Universities and restaurants in Kyoto, Japan have come up with an innovative handheld face mask for diners to use when eating with friends and family to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

According to local Japanese-language media, diners usually have conversations over their meals, so to protect them, the handheld face mask, which includes a handle with a face-size paper or fabric attached to the end, should prevent virus-spread under close proximity. 

About 20 people, including restaurant representatives, gathered at a hotel in Kyoto on Aug. 25 and had a meal while trying out the prototype, according to reports. 

Participants held eating utensils in their dominant hand and raised the new face masks to their faces to test the comfort of it when talking to others.

Screengrab from NHK

Local media added that students of Saga Art University (京都市右京區的嵯峨美術大學) will make adjustments to the masks to ensure better quality in the future based on questionnaires they handed out and received back during this trial-run.