Chinese kindergarten takes dribbling game to next level!

Photo courtesy of @thinking_panda/Twitter

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A video of kindergarten children in China went viral earlier this week thanks to flawlessly synchronized dribble game.

The hypnotic TikTok video posted on Twitter has since totaled millions of views.

In what they aptly call “cooperation,” students have to bounce two balls, jump to the right and dribble to the next pair.

The balls are held in place while the students move in large circles in rhythmic patterns.

Some people, however, have rushed to brand the game as a form of indoctrination by the Chinese government.

They argue that the game was more like training, automatism and obedience than fun. One Twitter user wrote: “Just the kind of attributes the Chinese Communist Party likes in their citizens.”

Still, many also pointed out the hypocrisy of some China bashers and referred to how children are made to do similar activities elsewhere, including saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the national flag in the United States.

After the video was released, @thinking_panda also responded to critics claiming that China’s unique economic and social conditions require the pursuit of collectivism or socialism.

With 1.4 billion people, “we need order more than freedom, we need collectivism more than individualism. Many Westerners don’t understand it,” @thinking_panda added.

The account also shared videos from other games to highlight collaboration at the elementary and university levels.