French photographer falls in love with Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Mathieu Giabicani is a 29-year-old French photographer who had never thought that he would fall in love with travel nor meet a girl from Taiwan. Still, he has settled on this beautiful island in the far east and met his “better half” here.

As a full-time photographer, he runs a video production company “Rollin Production,” and works alone, doing everything from editing to drone operation.

Although the work is heavy, the job has opened another window in his life and he now travels around Europe to make videos.

In 2016, Giabicani and three of his friends went on a year-long trip to New Zealand, a year that marked a turning point in his life!

“I fell in love with travel,” he said when reminiscing about the NZ trip. 

“Even though holding a job, travels are important to open minds and to have a break! That’s why I’m trying to travel as much as I can,” he continued.

The photo collage shows from left to right, Sanxiantai, Mathieu Giabicani, elephant mountain. (Courtesy of Mathieu Giabicani)

In 2017, a few months after he returned home to France from NZ, he set aside his job and decided to fly to Taiwan to meet his girlfriend (now wife), who was in Taiwan at the time.

“Why not, trying a new life there,” he said, he’d have never visited Taiwan without her.

Along with his wife, Giabicani spent five months exploring this land’s beauty and filming the beautiful journey.

The main purpose of exploring in Taiwan three years ago was not to work on a video though, so there were some scenes he did not capture.

“There are so many things to film!” He revealed that he was planning to film another video about Taiwan next year.

“This time, I want to take my time to film something. That really shows Taiwan as it must be shown!”

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