Foreigner in Taiwan looks for advice on NT$28,000 electricity bill!

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — Despite its breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering cuisines, Taiwan tends to become unbearably hot and humid during the summer.

Rarely can anyone go to bed without the air conditioning at this time of year, especially expatriates used to colder temperatures.  

Yet, a foreigner from Australia recently learned that nothing comes without a price as he recently asked for help to query his hefty electricity bill in a Facebook group called Expats in Taiwan

This screengrab from Facebook shows a Taiwan-based foreigner asking for advice on a hefty electricity bill. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Renting a three-bedroom apartment, he was shocked to discover a two-month electricity bill for NT$28,000. 

The astonishing price led many to offer their sympathy and advice under the post.

Some people expressed shock and advised him to conduct a thorough investigation to see if someone is tapping into their power line as the bill seems fishy.

Others encouraged the foreigner to replace traditional ACs with inverter ACs as the latter would save a lot of money in the long run. 

This screengrab from Facebook shows other foreigners in the group explaining how to tackle the electricity bill. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Still, others ensured him that with his apartment size combined with the hours his family members spent at home, the amount of money charged was rather reasonable. 

Screengrab from Facebook
Screengrab from Facebook

While people hold different opinions about the accuracy of the electricity bill, many acknowledged that the energy fee in Taiwan is relatively expensive.

It is worth noting that the total amount of electricity and timing users consume, as well as the location of apartments, are contributing factors to the electricity price. 

If you encountered a similar incident with your electricity bill, you can use the Taipower service hotline “1911” for more information.