Taiwan ‘accompanying gamer’ earns up to NT$280k per month

近年來「陪玩師」躍升成為新興夯職|Amid the growing gaming industry, "accompanying gamer" has become an emerging career. (Courtesy of Nicee.tw)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the gaming industry’s soaring popularity, the job of “accompanying gamer” has become an emerging career for young graduates and students who believe that they deserve more than an office job for their unique skills.

In addition to playing online games, accompanying gamers help players relax while practicing their skills and even lull them to sleep and wake up with the sound of their voice for an extra fee, if necessary.

The good news is that accompanying gamers are paid on an hourly basis, ranging from NT$150 to NT$500, with half-day, weekly and monthly rates available. In addition to their hourly wages, they can receive some occasional cash gifts from clients. 

Taiwan’s “accompanying gamers” have their own websites on which they advertise their services. (Courtesy of Nicee.tw)

A part-time accompanying gamer can earn up to NT$30,000-40,000 a month, according to various sources, while a person in a full-time position can earn up to NT$100,000 a month. Video game experts can make up NT$280,000 per month. 

The trick to obtaining a long-term, stable source of income is to encourage players to send gifts. To this end, Websites, such as 7cplay.com and Nicee.tw, to name just a few, encourage accompanying gamers to build a “stable customer base.”

In addition to an attractive picture, the accompanying gamers must have proper game skills in order to attract gamers’ attention. (Courtesy of 7cplay.com)

In addition to video chatting with their clients and helping them win, some accompanying gamers also sing to players and help them wake up.

With such a potentially high income, there is little wonder that an increasing number of young people have become accompanying gamers, whether part-time or full-time.

The owner of 7cplay.com was quoted by Chinese media as saying that the online platform already has 70,000 members, compared to 10,000 members at the end of last year.