Lin Chi-ling pops up at baseball game to cheer for Akira

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) popped up at a baseball game on Sunday in a low key appearance to see her husband Akira who threw the ceremonial first pitch for the Fubon Guardians.

The model, who wearing a face mask, was seen snapping photos while cheering for her husband. Before the baseball game kicked off, AKIRA said in Chinese, “Let’s go for it, I hope everyone is safe and healthy, thank you.” 

The 39-year-old singer pitched the ball without forgetting to call for pandemic prevention.

The collage shows AKIRA threw the ceremonial first pitch for Fubon Guardians (right) and Lin Chi-ling was taking photos of her husband. (NOWnews)

Meanwhile, the 45-year-old model, sporting a hat, walked out the box seats and took photos of her husband who was throwing the first pitch.

Asked about the event, AKIRA said he was surprised to hear that his wife was in attendance, asking in surprise: “She was here?”

He told the local media that he was so focused on the preparation that he didn’t know if his wife would come or not.

AKIRA threw the ceremonial first pitch for Fubon Guardians. (NOWnews)

The singer added: “I’ve learned a lot from this trip and found that Taiwan is doing very well handling the coronavirus. 

When asked about the reasons he came to Taiwan, he explained that he returned to Taiwan to apply for an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) the singer said.

AKIRA will be in Taiwan for a short period of time and he will return to Japan soon afterward.