Navy highlights duty of defending Taiwan in new video

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — The Navy Command R.O.C., Ministry of National Defense released a promotional video on Wednesday that highlights the military determination to defend Taiwan.

Released one day ahead of the annual Taiwan Armed Forces Day (93軍人節), the video, titled “Protecting (Taiwan), Day and Night,” emphasizes our military’s dedication to defending our nation despite challenges.

The Armed Forces Day in Taiwan honors the country’s military and celebrates their victory over the Japanese in World War II. Called in Taiwan the “War of Resistance,” the struggle actually began before World War II when Japan invaded the Chinese mainland.

Accordingly, the video describes the military uniform as a symbol of “military honor” which is considered “the second life of a soldier” (軍人的第二生命).

The message is in line with the Ministry of National Defense ongoing campaign of promoting the “I am proud of Wearing the military uniform” (穿軍服,我驕傲) aimed at recruiting young Taiwanese into the military.

The video stressed that it is the honorable mission and irreplaceable duty of a soldier to assure all our compatriots that, 24 hours a day, to protect our homeland, the officers and men of the navy are always there!”