Social media users shocked at Japanese man ‘before and after pictures’

Photo courtesy of @ルイボスチャンネル/YouTube and @ruibosu0222/Twitter

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Japanese man who recently shared his journey of shedding 68.5 kilograms in one year has shocked netizens with his “before and after pictures”; not because of his toned down body, but because of his remarkably different facial features.

Ruibosu revealed in his video that he once tipped the scales at 140 kilograms. After deciding that something needs to be changed, he began exercising in September 2019 and documented his weight loss journey on YouTube videos.

From jumping rope, doing sit-ups, and holding a plank, Ruibosu admitted that he initially felt there weren’t many things he could do right, but gradually, after three months of training and eating healthy foods, he was quickly rewarded with a 29-kg weight loss.

Photo courtesy of @ルイボスチャンネル/YouTube

To encourage others who may struggle to adopt healthy lifestyles, Ruibosu decided to make a summary video of his transformation, receiving praise from social media users for his determination and his recently slimmed-down figure.

Photo courtesy of @ルイボスチャンネル/YouTube

According to many, the biggest difference was his facial features though. The once overweight Ruibosu now showcases an angular face, which did not go unnoticed online.

Photo courtesy of @ルイボスチャンネル/YouTube

Many took to the comment section and wrote: “Who is this good-looking model?”, “It’s like his face has been swapped with a totally different person!”, and “What an inspiration!”