Foreigners puzzled at taste of Wasabi-flavored Kit Kats

Japan's Wasabi-flavored Kit Kat. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Following the 2004 debut of the “Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat,” Japan has released a second green chocolate combo that will surely challenge customers’ palates: the Wasabi-flavored Kit Kat.

According to media reports, Nestle has released over 350 flavors to date, and the main reason behind such a wide variety of products is due to Japanese convenience stores’  constant demand for new items. 

To keep up, new flavors and ideas are in great need and that’s where the wasabi flavor comes in.

According to local Japanese media, a specialty wasabi shop, Tamaruya Honten, located in the Shizuoka prefecture which produces 80 percent of Japan’s annual wasabi supply, partnered with Kit Kat and created the hybrid local flavor best representing both companies.

As for the million-dollar question of whether people outside Japan find it delicious or not, some described it as not extremely spicy, while others say though the smell is recognizably wasabi, it actually tastes sweet thanks to the white chocolate.

Westerners also took to complimenting the flavor on Twitter, with one writing, “Yes, you should be mad you can’t find this in a regular store.” 

However, others seem to question the novel combination, commenting, “Nope. Not touching that with a ten-foot pole.”