Hsinchu Lioneers to aim for P.League+ Championship Title: GM

The Hsinchu Lioneers (新竹攻城獅)(Courtesy of Hsinchu Lioneers / Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Hsinchu Lioneers (新竹攻城獅) unveiled on Tuesday more details regarding their basketball campaign in the newly established P.League+.

The new team first debuted their player list for the upcoming season. Among the list is the star point guard Hao Tien (田浩) who last played for the National Chengchi University (國立政治大學)

Speaking in the conference Kao (高景炎), the team’s General Manager Kenny, said he knew instantly that Tien would be an essential member of the team even though although Tien only attended two of their team practices.

The Hsinchu Lioneers (新竹攻城獅)(Courtesy of Hsinchu Lioneers / Facebook)

Kao praised Tien’s ability to capitalize on fast break opportunities. He said that he is confident that they will have a solid core of point guards.

The Head Coach Lin Kwan-lun (林冠綸) echoed Kao’s statements by praising Tien for his flexible playing style. 

The Hsinchu Lioneers’ General Manager Kenny Kao (高景炎) (NOWnews)

Kao said that in terms of foreign players, he is looking for players that are around 200 centimeters.

These players will also need to be able to attack the basket, make shots and be creative and versatile when faced with a strong defense.

The Hsinchu Lioneers (新竹攻城獅)(Courtesy of Hsinchu Lioneers / Facebook)

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the two foreign players that have already been signed will still be unable to play when the Lioneers have their warm-up match in mid-October. The earliest they would be in a game would be in November. 

The Lioneers joined the P. League+ in the summer of 2020. The P+ League was officially established with the goal of building up Taiwanese basketball.

Since its founding, the Formosa Dreamers, the Taipei Fubon Braves, and the Taoyuan Pauian Archiland have joined the league in their quest for the inaugural P+ League Championship Title.