Haiti thanks Taiwan for helping upgrade electricity grid

Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (CNA)

TAIPEI (CNA) — Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise thanked Taiwan on Saturday for its contributions to promoting people’s livelihoods and the country’s infrastructure during a groundbreaking ceremony for a project to upgrade the Caribbean nation’s electricity grid, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Sunday.

MOFA said that the Caribbean ally held the ceremony in the capital, Port-au-Prince, which was co-hosted by Moise and Ku Wen-jiann (古文劍), Taiwan’s ambassador to Haiti.

Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe and Cabinet members, as well as members of Taiwan’s foreign missions in the country, also attended the ceremony.

MOFA said that to help Haiti cope with power shortages, Taiwan has since 2018 worked with the Haitian government to promote a project to upgrade Haiti’s electricity grid in Port-au-Prince to strengthen its infrastructure development and improve its people’s lives.

The project is to be financed by Taiwanese banks and built by Taiwanese engineering and construction companies, along with Haitian construction teams, according to MOFA.

MOFA said it hopes the project will help cement the partnership and diplomatic ties between Taiwan and Haiti.