Japanese media praises Taiwan KFC ‘Congee Breakfast Set’

吮指嫩雞粥套餐|Rice gruel breakfast set (Courtesy of KFC Taiwan)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — KFC, the popular American fast food restaurant chain, offers limited-edition dishes that fit local tastebuds and beyond.

A reporter from Japanese media Sora news made the “tasty” discovery while visiting a KFC Taiwan restaurant to try the Taiwan-only “Congee Breakfast Set,” a Taiwanese classic that won praise from the reporter. 

Yui Imai, a journalist on a working holiday in Taiwan, was surprised to get a bowl of rice porridge and a cup of hot milk tea for only NT$65. 

The reporter found that the chicken congee not only contained shredded chicken, corn but also Taiwan’s traditional food pork floss which went perfectly with the porridge.

Japanese also like white porridge, however, pork floss is only available in Taiwan. Yumi said she would recommend this breakfast as a must-try when visiting Taiwan.

If KFC Japan could offer the breakfast set, she believes that it would become very popular.