Japanese hotel offers free stay amid pandemic

Hotel New Shohei飯店(Courtesy of Booking.com/Hotel New Shohei)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In the wake of the pandemic that has devastated Japan’s tourism industry, hotels have offered special deals to attract domestic tourists. 

A hotel in Tokyo, in particular, is promoting the best deal in the world: a free stay if they check in on social media.

According to Sora News, Hotel New Shohei, located near the Tokyo Metro Yotsuya station, has seen a drastic decrease in guests amid the coronavirus outbreak, with some days having no guests at all.

So instead of leaving every room empty, the hotel owner thought it would be better to let travelers stay for free and enjoy the service.

Of course, the hotel is not offering free stays without asking for anything in return.

Visitors who enjoy the free stay, must mention the name and location of the hotel and post photos to one of their social media accounts.

Hotel New Shohei(Courtesy of Booking.com/Hotel New Shohei)

However, the hotel does not require visitors to write lengthy positive reviews. There is no restriction on the length or content of the post. 

In addition, if people do not want to disclose the exact date of their stay, they can simply inform the hotel and add their post afterward.

In addition, all guests can still enjoy free coffee, juice, and alcoholic beverages in the guest lounge.

The free stay plan is available from Monday to Friday nights for solo travelers. All they need to do is to mention “I’d like to request the free room plan” when making a reservation.