Belgian YouTuber shares tips for solo-female travel in Taiwan

Charlotte likes Jiufen very much (right). Tamshui Old Street (Courtesy of @charmless.charmander/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is known as “one of the safest countries in the world.” The island-nation performs very well with street safety, low legal discrimination and low violence against women. 

Charlotte, a Belgian YouTuber who recently traveled to Taiwan for a working holiday, shared some tips that solo-female travelers need to be aware of.

Charlotte took her first solo trip to Asia when she was 18. Since then, she has been an exchange student in Sweden and India.

The first time she heard of “Taiwan” was when she was having a language course in South Korea. Then, a friend highly recommended Taiwan to her, saying it was one of the best places she’d ever been.

It was in that moment that a seed was planted in Charlotte’s heart and her curiosity about this beautiful island began to grow.

Charlotte enjoys nature in Taiwan. The collage shows Anping Tree House (right) and a tree in Taipei. (Courtesy of @charmless.charmander/Instagram)

“I felt safe as a female traveler in Taiwan,” she continued: Taiwan is so modern and has a very western feel to it, so I could be myself freely!

She advises women traveling alone to observe the behavior of women in a country and just do the same. 

For example, if a local doesn’t take the train alone after 8 p.m., then just don’t. If a local dresses in a way that doesn’t show her legs or cleavage, then do the same.

“But in Taiwan, I didn’t feel like I had to adapt much,” she added.

Charlotte misses Taiwan’s temples and nature. (Courtesy of @charmless.charmander/Instagram)

Not only did the safety in Taiwan amaze Charlotte, but the culture of milk tea, covered sidewalks and garbage trucks were also very new to her. 

Now in Belgium, Charlotte said, I honestly miss the garbage truck music after leaving Taiwan! 

Other things that she misses are the food. Not just the taste, but also how convenient and easy it is to eat out. 

“When I was In Taiwan I rarely cooked, because there were so many convenient, delicious and affordable options around.” 

Of course the friends she made in Taiwan, kind people, and a coffee shop where you can spend all day, are all fond memories that she will never forget after she leaves Taiwan.

“I hope the virus will be under control soon so I can go back and make more videos showing Taiwan to the world.”