New packaging lets you enjoy instant noodles without damaging health

日本食品大廠日清食品旗下的Myojo推出Umadashiya即食拉麵 | Japan-based Food Group, Nisshin’s Myojo Foods has launched Umadashiya instant ramen featuring new packages. (Courtesy of Myojo Foods)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Most people agree that instant noodles are tasty even though they contain too much sodium which is harmful to health. Thanks to a new packaging developed by Japan-based Nisshin’s Myojo Foods, you can now enjoy your Umadashiya instant ramen with peace in mind.

According to Japan Today, the inside the bowl of Umadashiya instant ramen feature two lines. The upper one shows how much water you should add like other popular brands of instant noodles. The bottom one, which is unique to this brand, indicate when you should stop drinking soup.

This “soup stop line” refrains you from drinking the last 150 milliliters of broth that could be harmful to your health by cutting down your sodium intake.

There’s also a reminder printed on the packaging telling you that if you reach the stop line (about 150ml left), you’ll lose how many grams of salt compared to the full serving. 

There’s also a reminder printed on the packaging. (Courtesy of Myojo Foods)

All Umadashiya products, including ramen, instant udon and soba noodles, will be packaged in this Shio Care (“Sodium Care”) package starting in September, Japanese media reported.