Chinese social media users lash out at tourist’s criticism of Taiwan

The Korean tourist's comments on visiting Taiwan. (Screengrab from 南韓聰明事/Weibo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is a popular destination among foreigners for its tasty food and cultural attractions, such as pearl milk tea, night market culture, historic sites, stunning natural scenery, and more.

There is, therefore, little wonder that negative comments from a Korean traveler, who recently shared his experience online after visiting Taiwan, sparked outrage on Weibo.

The tourist wrote in an online forum, titled “What it’s like to travel to Taiwan,” that “Taiwan’s buildings are as old and outdated as those in India, and the way clothes are hung to dry outside buildings makes the place look like a slum.”

The unhappy traveler added that Taiwan’s markets and shopping areas have not been able to highlight their own culture, and instead feature a lot of Japanese and Korean-style related designs.

The writer further complained that the scenery of Ximending, which is known as “Taipei Myeongdong”, is not as beautiful as that of its counterpart in South Korea. 

“In addition, there are Chinese tourists everywhere, and it’s hard to tell them apart by their looks, but you can tell them apart by their ‘loud and sharp’ voices. Besides that, the food in Taiwan is actually delicious, and the mango-related dishes are worth trying.”

Contrary to all expectations, Taiwan found an unexpected ally — Chinese social media users. The post garnered angry responses on Weibo with many commenting “Where do Korean get the nerve to judge Taiwanese food?”

Another social media user remarked that “the only who speak louder than Chinese people are Koreans,” and “How dare they? Last time I went to the National Palace Museum, the rowdiest tourists were Koreans.”