Shenzhen unveils cutest café for animal-lovers

TAIPEI (The China Post) — An animal café makes worlds meet somewhere in Shenzhen, China. 

Animal lovers and coffee fanatics wait for hours on end at this popular attraction to spend time with animals while sipping on their favorite brew.

This unique animal café features quite a number of friendly guests: cats, two alpacas called XiaoMei and DiDi, and 4 call ducks. 

As the café operates under busy hours, its workers need frequent breaks. The 6 months old alpacas are sent to rest for 30 minutes for at least five times, before coming out for work for 40 minutes.  

Many of these animals could only be seen in zoos in the past. Now, as the cafe owner explains, customers can come to “our cafe, have fun, relax, and interact with these animals”.

It is a memorable experience, especially for “animal lovers who can’t keep pets”.