French photographer lists reasons why you should visit Taiwan

拼圖由左到右分別為三仙台、法籍攝影師張令承、象山 (Courtesy of Mathieu Giabicani)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — “You must eat, ride a scooter, to be as kind as Taiwanese and you will have one of your best travel experiences and you will fall in love with this country as I am !” 

This is what Mathieu Giabicani, a 29-year-old French photographer, would like to say to those who haven’t been to Taiwan.  

He also recommends travelers to try pearl milk tea, whether they like it or not, saying this is the symbol of Taiwan!

Mathieu Giabicani is a photographer who had never thought that he would fall in love with travel nor meet a girl from Taiwan. Still, he has settled on this beautiful island in the far east and met his better half here.

Taiwan is a city that never sleeps, and wandering through the night markets at night brings you feelings that days never end, Giabicani told The China Post.

He suggested to other travelers that there are beautiful temples everywhere. “Taiwan’s culture and architecture are very different from Europe’s, so you must see for yourself when you come here!” 

The collage shows the Lungshan temple (left)(Courtesy of Mathieu Giabicani)

Giabicani recalled the beautiful memory of his first encounter with Formosa in 2017. “If I had to describe Taiwan in one word, I would say Taïwan.”

It can’t be only one word to describe this country, the photographer added, Taiwan is a mix of many things, culture, food, nature with beautiful landscapes, feelings, all belong to itself. 

“The only way to understand is to go there and to feel it by yourself!

For him, the most impressive thing about that trip was the contrast between Taiwan’s cities and forests. Giabicani will never forget the day when he visited Sanxiantai in Taitung.

The collage shows National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall(left) and Sanxiantai (right)(Courtesy of Mathieu Giabicani)

“It was in 2019, I visited the east coast near Taitung, the road was pleasant with nice scenery, mountains on the left and beaches on the right,” he recalled. That side of Taiwan is totally different, wilder and fewer cities around.

He also reminded travelers that they must protect themselves from the sun and keep hydrated during the sweltering summer.

“This place is amazing but there is no shadow !” At the time, he had been in the sun for too long without hydration. Afterward, he suffered from a heat stroke. 

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, he was surprised to find that Taiwanese are willing to learn about other cultures and all of them are accepted.

“That’s why you will feel a warm welcome.”

“I could also remember that every time I took MRT I’ve been surprised how Taiwanese can be courteous, they always wait in line patiently,” he said. 

However, the main purpose of exploring in Taiwan three years ago was not to work on a video, so there are some scenes he did not capture.

“There are so many things to film!” He revealed that he was planning to film another video about Taiwan next year.


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