Taiwan Buddhist nun denies asking famous brothers to repay debt

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Former singer-actress Jenny Fei, also known as Heng Shu (恆述法師), denied on Monday accepting a large sum of money from her famous brothers, Taiwan senior entertainers, Chang Fei (張菲) and Fei Yu-Ching (費玉清), to pay off her debt.

In some video clips posted to Facebook, Heng Shu said that she only receives NT$50,000 a month from Chang Fei and Fei Yu Ching, respectively, before calling them “extremely stingy.”

According to various sources, the 70-year-old nun has reportedly been paying high-interest rates on her debts, as her famous brothers refused to lend her more money in March.

Heng Shu clarifies her debt dispute while she lashes out at her two brothers in a series of videos posted to Facebook.(Courtesy of Heng Shu / Facebook)

The brothers allegedly complained about helping her repay NT$250 million in debt, to which the former actress said in discontent that it was not money, but “memories and a disappointment.”

Contrary to all expectations, the dharma nun unveiled that the two brothers also lost between NT$300 million and NT$500 million during the Lehman Brothers financial crisis.

Heng Shu explained her self in a few videos on Facebook(Courtesy of Heng Shu / Facebook)

She continued: “My two brothers are not my heroes. They are not willing to support me, otherwise, they could have helped me to open a Buddhist meditation hall 30 years ago.”

“However, their wisdom has not been developed yet, so how can they help me overcome this great difficulty?”

Chang Fei (left) said he hadn’t talked to her for a very long time. (NOWnews)

Jenny Fei is a former singer who became a Buddhist nun in 1991 with the dharma name Heng Shu (恆述法師).

She is the eldest sister of well-known Taiwanese singer-host Chang Fei and Fei Yu Ching, who retired from showbiz in 2019 after 47 years.