Pearls continue to transform jewelry world

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Long heralded as a trope of beauty and mystique in East Asian civilizations, pearls continue to transform the world of jewelry. A workshop in Guangzhou, China now allows customers to design their pearl accessories from scratch. 

Pearls are unique because they are not altered in shape and luster upon discovery. Each pearl has a distinct design curated by nature. 

“We won’t know what’s inside a mussel until we open it. The mystery makes opening it more pleasurable and exciting”.

In order to manifest their “inner beauty,” washing powder is used to remove the skin on it upon being cracked open. Subsequently, they are polished with sand and wax beans in order to achieve their life-long luster.

For many customers, this refines the experience of picking jewelry. Each design is one of its kind and becomes much more meaningful on eventful occasions.