Foreign caretaker rescues elderly employer with dementia from fire

近期,台灣南投縣發生一起民宅大火案,睡在二樓的阿嬤失智,所幸外籍看護立刻將她搖醒並揹上她逃離火場,兩人才能倖免於難。(圖/消防局提供)|In a recent house fire in Nantou County (南投縣), an elderly grandmother with dementia sleeping on the second floor of her house, was rescued by her caretaker. (photo courtesy/ the Nantou Fire Department)

An elderly grandmother with dementia who was sleeping on the second floor of her house was rescued by her caretaker during a recent house fire in Nantou County (南投縣).

The caretaker shook her awake as soon as the fire broke out and swiftly carried her away. Her unwavering courage and immediate assistance have touched many people’s hearts.

At 3:38 a.m. on Aug. 29, the Nantou Fire Department (南投消防局) received a call from a local resident that a large fire broke out in Daguan Market (大觀市場). According to media reports, there were many flammable materials at the scene, causing the fire to spread rapidly.

14輛消防車和26名人員及時趕到,並經歷1小時多的救災後無人傷亡。(圖/消防局提供)|14 fire engines and 26 firefighters arrived timely and spent an hour putting out the fire, fortunately, no one was hurt by the terrible accident. (photo courtesy/ the Nantao Fire Department)

The most serious damage was to one house and two stalls, where a neighboring resident’s fire alarm woke up the sleeping foreign caregiver. She immediately came to her employer’s rescue and fled the fire with the grandmother in tow.

The Nantou Fire Department recommends installing residential fire alarms in all properties. The department also urged residents to be careful with fire and electricity to ensure the safety at their homes.