Heng Shu angry at brothers who threatened to cut off ties

聽聞2胞弟不排除脫離姊弟關係,恆述法師當場在錄影現場發飆。| Heng Shu lashed out at her two brothers in the TV show (Courtesy of News Wawawa)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Heng Shu (恆述法師), a former singer-actress called Jenny Fei (費貞綾), again lashed out at her two brothers, Chang Fei (張菲) and Fei Yu-Ching (費玉清), on a TV talk show aired on Tuesday.

Speaking at “News Wawawa” (新聞挖挖哇), the 70-year-old Buddhist nun said she doesn’t understand why the senior entertainers cannot lend her between NT$20 million and NT$30 million for emergency use. 

“You want to disassociate yourself from me for this little money,” she shouted out to her two brothers, “Just cut off ties with me! I don’t give a shit about you two. I’ve got two rocks to throw at my feet.”

Chang Fei (left) said he hadn’t talked to her for a very long time. (NOWnews)

Here younger brothers allegedly complained about helping her repay NT$250 million in debt and threatened to cut off their relationship if she keeps asking for more money, according to various sources.

The nun previously denied accepting money to repay her debt and called them “stingy.”

Contrary to all expectations, she then announced that a famous “spiritual leader” sent millions of US dollars to help her overcome her difficulties.

Heng Shu explained her self in a few videos on Facebook(Courtesy of Heng Shu / Facebook)

She also announced that she will be back in the showbiz soon.

“Why do you keep saying I’m 70? From now on, me, a 17-year-old nun, Heng Shu, will have the mic, so I can start with a variety show.”

She concluded: “When I’m officially on the air, I’m going to change my look. I’m going to wear a neutral dress, like Ellen who hosts “The Ellen Show” in the U.S.”