Hawaiian falls in love with Taiwan through photography

McCallum found himself stuck in Taiwan when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. (Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, scheduled flights to and from countries have become uncertain and hectic, stranding many foreigners in Taiwan. 

Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum

Ikaika McCallum is one such individual; however, he managed to make the most of his time and began honing his photography skills by taking photos of Taiwan sceneries.

Hailing from Hawaii, the 30-year-old came to Taiwan in March for a layover flight to Indonesia. 

Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum

McCallum told The China Post that he has been practicing photography for less than a year and he especially loves the cityscape in Taiwan as it’s quite different from Hawaii. 

He started from Taipei and traveled south 6 weeks after his arrival, landing in Yilan. There, he taught surfing at Waiao (外澳) Beach and worked as a stand-up paddleboard tour guide in Dulan (都蘭). 

Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum

To McCallum, Taitung is the best place to take natural scenic photographs as there’s the beach, ocean, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. 

When asked what his favorite photo of Taiwan is so far, McCallum chose an amazing picture he took of Taipei 101 after climbing Elephant Mountain (象山).

McCallum’s favorite picture in Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum)

McCallum notes that the best thing about photography in Taiwan is there are no restraints on what to expect as he’s still getting to know the place.

McCallum and the friends he made after climbing Elephant Mountain. (Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum)

On the other hand, he feels Taiwan is too “big” and looks forward to traveling around more to capture its beauty more thoroughly.

Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum
McCallum also enjoys doing portraits. (Photo courtesy of Ikaika McCallum)