Age-defying Angela Chang looks 20 years younger in new selfies

張韶涵近照不像38歲。|Angela Chang seems never to age(圖/資料照、張韶涵微博 |Courtesy of Angela Chang/Weibo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Angela Chang caught her fans off guard on Monday with three age-defying selfies posted to Facebook. 

The 38-year-old Taiwanese singer was wearing braids while she posed for the camera with some make-up.

The artist’s skin was smooth and clean, which led some social media users to remark with a smile that she looked better than at her debut.

Angela Chang seems to never change.(Courtesy of Angela Chang/Weibo)

Responding to her post, fans said, “She’s gorgeous,” while another wrote, “You don’t need to learn how to take the best selfie if you look good.”

One said: “She has a baby face!”

Chang debuted and rose to fame with the Taiwanese television dramas “My MVP Valentine (2002) and “At Dolphin Bay” (2003).

Her debut album “Over the Rainbow was met with instant success, and she has since focused on her singing career. She released “Aurora (2004) and “Pandora (2006).