Unattractive Japanese man reveals secret to dating beautiful women

Photo courtesy of @hirateen/Instagram

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A 41-year-old middle-aged man recently became an Internet sensation for his below-average look but impressive skills at dating pretty women on dating apps.

According to the Japanese man, nicknamed Hiraten, he can go out with up to 300 girls last year even without looking attractive.  

Hiraten revealed on his website that he first realized he wasn’t handsome in junior high.

Soon after, he dated a girl in high school who eventually cheated on him with a more handsome guy, traumatizing him forever.

This has led him to become shy and distrusting women. He gradually lacked confidence in himself too.

According to Japanese media, he eventually decided on a change of attitude on his 30th birthday after his health took a bad turn.

He downloaded 10 dating apps on his phone and started going out with 6 to 8 girls on the weekends.

As he was able to date so many girls in one year, with some being 20-year-old beauties, many wondered his trick given his less-than-extraordinary look.

Photo courtesy of @hirateen/Instagram

Hiraten revealed that to attract women’s attention on dating apps, one must first have a full-sized photo, where your physique is visible. The photo also needs to look natural and entertaining.

Next, Hiraten suggested downloading apps that won’t put a cap on the number of likes you get. In this way, if you log in to the app more frequently, there’s a higher chance of getting noticed.

Last but not least, Hiraten said you should always look out for girls who don’t have profile pictures on them. If she receives a “like” with no picture, she’ll be intrigued and will be more likely to respond to you.

Hiraten now has a YouTube channel where he teaches fans his tricks and ways in the dating world.