Social media users argue about must-eat soups in Taiwan

The photo collages shows Four-Herbal Soup (right) and miso soup with tofu (right). (Courtesy of PhotoAC / 維基百科 Wikipedia)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan, which is known as a “Food Paradise,” offers a  wide variety of delicious street foods that attract tourists from far and near. But which local delight would come to your mind when hearing the name of this island nation?

Some social media users recently remarked that the “Miso soup” would come to mind when they think of Japan. With this observation in mind, another user asked members of a local discussion forum, PTT, “what kind of soup best represents Taiwan?”

The post has attracted much attention with many voting for the “four-herbal soup,” a soup made from four herbal ingredients and pork belly or pig’s small intestine. Why?

Someone remarked that for foreigners, the four-herbal soup is probably more exotic and less famous than the “pork meatball soup.”

“Pork meatball soup” and “pork blood soup” were, reportedly the second and third most popular choices among social media users. The “Miso soup with egg” is equally perfect, they said.

The collage shows some “pork meatball soup” (left) and “pork blood soup” (right). (Courtesy of Wikipedia/Facebook)

In addition to the aforesaid soups, others praised the “bitter gourd and sparerib soup,” the “chicken soup with mushrooms,” the “miso soup with clams,” and the “seaweed soup.”

What’s more? Some users also recommended a creative clamp soup made a 37-year-old Taiwanese American chef, Jason Wang — the “elevated gelitang,” which won the heart of British chef Gordon Ramsay on MasterChef.