Larger than life alpaca leaves Taiwan night market in Tesla

An Alpaca on a leash is seen boarding a fancy Tesla in this recent picture. (爆料公社 臉書/NOWnews/The China Post)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Alpacas and Teslas are rare sights in Taipei, but a social media user recently posted photos of an alpaca on a leash boarding the luxury car after spending some time at the “Raohe Night Market” (饒河街夜市) in downtown Taipei.

The oddly enough images, which went immediately viral online, show a woman in a blue shirt and jeans leading her “pet” alpaca to the side of the road.

The Alpaca on a leash is seen approaching the car. (爆料公社 臉書/NOWnews/The China Post)

The social media user then explained to Facebook that a Tesla quietly arrived at the side of the road before the alpaca and its owner jumped on board the electric car.

The automatic door, which swiftly opened up, allowed the tall animal to enter the vehicle with ease.

The Alpaca swiftly jumped on board the luxury car thanks to Tesla’s automatic doors. (爆料公社 臉書/NOWnews/The China Post)

The funny post garnered more than 30,000 likes overnight, with many commenting: “My imagination has been restricted by my lack of money,” “Too cute!”, “The alpaca has a Tesla, what do you have?”

Others also lamented that “their live is worse than an alpaca’s”.