Gorgeous smile, fearless spirit of ‘Mulan’ stunt double steals show

This photo collage features Liu Yaxi, the stunt double of Mulan's main character. (影視燈塔lighthouse/Weibo/The China Post)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As Disney’s latest blockbuster “Mulan” hits theaters worldwide, many have turned their attention to various highlights of the movie, including Mulan’s gorgeous and fearless stunt double.

Little was actually known about lead actress Liu Yifei’s stunt double until recently when a Weibo user posted photos of her on a social media platform.

Liu Yaxi can be seen posing in her Mulan costume in a recent post to Weibo. She is also seen standing in front of different green screens during filming. 

Her angelic features quickly garnered the attention of social media users with many lamenting that she didn’t play the character herself.

Photos courtesy of 影視燈塔lighthouse/Weibo

Liu Yaxi first spoke out in support of the lead actress when mean comments began circulating online after social media users discovered that Liu Yifei had four stunt doubles on set.

She quickly clarified that the other three were simply stand-ins for lighting or camera tests, and added that most of the action scenes were in fact, done by Liu Yifei herself.

Liu Yaxi was also quoted by various reports as saying that “Martial stunts are dangerous, and will inevitably require the use of a stunt double.”

She added: “If an actor does everything by herself, it would be too dangerous. Our occupation requires our skills to be used somewhere anyway.”

“I feel that [Liu Yifei’s] professionalism and serious attitude to her work is something that everyone has seen,” she went on. “I don’t know about others, but I’ve learned [from her] during the filming of Mulan.”