German tour guide knows Taitung best

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Jano, 30, from Germany, has lived in many countries and worked many different jobs since he was 21, ranging from berry picking farmer to diver in Japan.

He never thought that he would come to Taiwan to work as a tour guide though.

Jano, who is currently in Germany, told The China Post that when he was working in Australia, he lived with many Taiwanese in a shared house.

The collage shows Sanxiantai, Jano and some Golden needle flowers in the mountains of Taitung. (Courtesy of Jano)

“To be honest before that I haven’t had much thought about going to Taiwan but the way they shared their culture like food gatherings and telling me about their home country I knew I had to go one day,” he explained.

Jano came to Taiwan in 2018 and stayed for a year and his first impression on Taiwan was that “Taiwanese people are amazingly open-minded.”

The collage shows the sunset taken on the East coast, Jano, and Tiehua Music Village. (Courtesy of Jano)

“Taiwan is safe and people are so kind. Even if you might have a plan and that plan goes wrong, it could happen that the kindness of a stranger leads you to new places and new friends,” Jano said when asked about how he would recommend Taiwan to other travelers. 

Speaking of Taitung where he shot the video, he said he loves the rural atmosphere, not only the sea of flowers in the mountains, hot springs, forests and ocean, but also the endless hidden places to explore.

“Taitung is a really lovely place,” he said.

Jano said he loves the rural atmosphere of Taitung. (Courtesy of Jano)

In the video, Jano participated in the traditional ceremony “Firecrackers at Master Han Dan” during the annual Taitung Lantern Festival at the recommendation of a German friend’s girlfriend.

At first, he didn’t know what was going on until he witnessed people throwing firecrackers at the people (Han Dan). “It was stunning,” he said. 

“Seeing how the whole city was participating at the event and even some kids from the universities were volunteering.” The scenes of that time are deeply imprinted in his mind, and through the video he documented, others can also feel the lively atmosphere of Taiwan’s folk culture.

Jano, who loves surfing, has been sharing his favorite surfing spot in Dulan, Donghe Township. He recommended the hostel WaGaLiGong where you can rent a board and the hotel would drive you down to the beach. 

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