The Guardian features Taiwan artwork among top weekend photos

高雙陂塘漣漪迷宮| "The Ripple Maze at Gaoshuang"(Courtesy of Taoyuan Land Art Festival)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The 7h “Land Art Festival,” which kicked off on Sept. 18, unfolds at Dalun (大崙), Zhongli District (中壢區), and Shuanglianpo (雙連坡), Pingzhen District (平鎮區) in Taoyuan (桃園) until Oct. 4.

The popular festival made international headlines on Monday as The Guardian listed a bamboo-made artwork on display in Pingzhen as one of the 16 best photos of the weekend.

Other photos captured alongside the artwork include Thailand’s student movement, a marathon participant wearing a face mask in Spain, and protesters waving a black flag on the shores of Israel.

Among them, the Taiwanese artwork and Thailand’s student movement became the focus of the weekend’s world collection.

Among them, Taiwanese artwork and Thailand’s student movement were chosen as the headline and became the focus of the weekend’s world collection.(Screenshot from The Guardian)

“The Ripple Maze at Gaoshuang,” created by Lee Kuei-chih (李蕢至), is a natural sculpture in a rice field located in the agricultural area of Taoyuan.

The magnificent scenery in the rice paddies reminds the artist of his childhood memories. Ripples caused by the farmers in the rice paddles gently undulate on the surface of the water and become the artist’s most beautiful creation and nurture his life.

How to get there?  Taoyuan Land Art Festival  | Date: 9/19 – 10/4  For more information: