‘Taipei Nuit Blanche’ to kick off in Nangang on Oct. 4

2020台北白晝之夜主視覺|2020 Nuit Blanche (Courtesy of Nuit Blanche)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The fifth “Nuit Blanche” will unfold in Nangang District, Taipei from 6 p.m. on Oct. 3 to 6 a.m. on Oct. 4.

The annual festival will feature a total of 21 art installations, nearly a hundred artists, and 50 performance groups from Taiwan, France, the UK and more.

Art installation: Tentacles, by Filthy Luker/United Kingdom(Courtesy of Nuit Blanche)

The exhibition area will span from the MRT Nangang station to the Kunyang Station includes Taipei Pop Music Center (TMC), TMC East and West Plaza, Taiwan Power Company, Nangangang Bottle Cap Factory, Extreme Sports Training Center and the Nanxing Park.

Spark by Kou Tak-Leong /Taiwan. In this work, red laser light, which is commonly used as a measurement tool, is scanning the grove back and forth. (Courtesy of Nuit Blanche)

The outdoor art event, curated by art director Lin Kun-ying, opens a junction with a sensory discourse that sets the tone for “Nangang Power,” transforming Nangang into a vibrant landscape for the artists.

A bit of None, by H & M from Taiwan. Having been consolidated a few times in the past, Tai-Power Maintenance Department officially got founded in the year of the abolishment of Martial Law. (Courtesy of Nuit Blanche)

The event offers a wide spectrum of visuals, influences, installations, light and performances, with 12 hours of non-stop performances that will turn the city into an art gallery.

Waiting for Godot by Co-coism. “Waiting for Godot” is a participatory performance. During the performance, there is a prepared big circus tent and stating there is a 5-minutes performance named “Waiting for Godot.”  (Courtesy of Nuit Blanche)

There are three recommended routes this year.

The first route is from the MRT Kunyang Station to the MRT Nangang Station, starting at the Taiwan Power Company and passing through the TMC plaza, the Bottle Cap Factory, Nanxing Park, and so on.

The second one is the opposite, going from east to west to Kunyang Station.

The third route starts from Taiwan Power Company and goes to Nangang Station via the bottle cap factory.

FreeSteps AR Yours by HORSE Su Wei-Chia from Taiwan. For the seventh year in SU Wei-chia’s decade-long choreography project. (Courtesy of Nuit Blanche)
For more information, visit the Nuit Blanche official website.