Holger Chen to open own security firm, train bodyguards

(Photo courtesy of《館長成吉思汗YouTube》and《飆捍臉書》 )

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Internet celebrity Holger Chen unveiled plans on Sunday to open his own security company for which he reportedly made a downpayment of NT$40 million.

Speaking during a live stream season, Chen lashed out at some social media users who have accused him of “curbing violence with violence.”

As a victim of violence himself — he was shot twice in front of his gym in New Taipei on Aug. 28, he denied any wrongdoings and explained that he has sought out lawyers to handle the situation.

He also claimed that he hired bodyguards after the shooting, but soon realized that the monthly costs for bodyguards (NT$6 million) were too high.

He, therefore, decided to open his own security company and revealed that he has invested around NT$40 million to rent an office, buy proper equipment, hire staff and buy cars. 

This screeengrab shows Internet celebrity Holger Chen during the live stream session. (Courtesy of Holger Chen/YouTube/The China Post)

After hearing of his plans, many social media users debated online as to whether this would be a viable plan.

Some commented that they believe it’s workable as Chen already has the resources to train his people and that it would surely be less expensive than hiring bodyguards from another agency.

However, others expressed doubt that there would be a big enough market in Taiwan, considering that Taiwan society is relatively safe.