Uncle Roger heaps praises on Gordon Ramsay’s egg fried rice

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Uncle Roger recently reviewed the recipe of Indonesian fried rice demonstrated by British chef Gordon Ramsay in a video released on Sept. 20.  

The Malaysian YouTuber became famous for his comments on recipes of egg fried rice by BBC Food host Hersha Patel and British chef Jamie Oliver.   

Surprisingly, Uncle Roger was pleased with Ramsay’s first few steps.

To begin with, the British chef introduced the right ingredients, especially leftover rice. He also called the dish “Nasi goreng” (Indonesian fried rice) in standard Indonesian.  

To begin with, the British chef introduces the ingredients and uses leftover rice. (Screenshot from the video)

Next, Ramsay whisked eggs, then he took out the galangal, an essential ingredient in South Asian cuisine, and ground it into small pieces.  

Responding to the video, Uncle Roger was quite surprised that Ramsay used authentic Indonesian spices.  

When the chef finished preparing the ingredients and was ready to cook, Uncle Roger noticed that Ramsay was using a wok which had charred on the bottom.   

This indicated that he had used a wok before, Uncle Roger said approvingly.    

After frying the ingredients, Ramsay poured them on the fried rice and demonstrated his superb food-tossing skill, which was highly praised by Uncle Roger.  

Last but not least, Ramsay added sambal and rendang to create an authentic Indonesian-style fried rice. 

Lastly, Ramsay added sambal and rendang to create an authentic Indonesian style fried rice. (Screenshot from the video)

In the end, Uncle Roger thought the overall performance was good, and the only thing he was is not satisfied with was that Ramsay should have eaten his fried rice with a spoon instead of a fork.  

The video has received overwhelming responses from viewers, and even Ramsay himself commented: ” Happy you approve Roger!” 

Ramsay commented, ” Happy you approve Roger !” (Screenshot from the video)