Akira cheers up beloved wife Lin Chi-ling with DIY cards

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Akira, a member of J-Pop band Exile, has unveiled a romantic card boasting some pink flowers and the words “You are my true love” to cheer his beloved wife Lin Chi-ling (林志玲).

Akira holds a card he made to cheer his beloved wife Lin Chi-ling. (NOWnews)

The card is part of a series of DIY cards featuring sweet messages, such as “Go for it,” “Wear a mask” and “Wash your hands frequently,” to remind the 45-year-od model to stay healthy.  

As a dancer-actor, AKIRA said he is impressed by the local “fan chant culture” (a way for fans to get involved with the music of their idols), saying that this kind of expression of affection is very effective and direct.  

To express his support, the 39-year-old actor made the cards himself for his wife.

The reason he chose baby’s-breath flowers to decorate his card is that the flowers symbolize true love and sincerity, which perfectly match Lin’s personality.  

AKIRA, a member of J-Pop groups Exile made cardboards to cheer for his beloved wife Lin Chi-ling (林志玲). (NOWnews)

He told local media that he usually sends flowers to his wife, but he doesn’t look at the meanings of the flowers to decide. 

Since he is married to the Taiwanese top model, he knows how to read and write Chinese, and he is curious about Mandarin.

Later, the actor wrote “Thank you very much” and “Cheer up” in Chinese on the cardboards without the help of a translator or reporter.