Time-lapse video unveils creation of rice paddy art in Hualien

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In response to the “2020 Year of Mountain Tourism” program, Amis painter Yosifu (優席夫) was invited to design a colorful rice paddy in Hualien, turning the field next to the Dongli station into a painting.  

Over four months, the seedlings successfully grew into heavy ears of rice, forming a magnificent canvas of rice paddy art.  

When the field reached its ripe stage, the bird’s eyes’ view showed the four colors of rice forming a geometrical picture that symbolizes the East Rift Valley.  

The indigenous artist Yosifu said: “It’s touching to see something I designed on a small piece of paper turn out to be such a big piece of art.”  

The “Yufu Runway Earth Fashion Show” will be held on Oct. 17 this year, and the fashion runway will be moved to the East Rift Valley, with Dongli station and painted ricefield as the backdrop for a fashion design competition.