Alien Huang’s posthumous song to be released tonight

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Alien Huang’s (黃鴻升) posthumous song will be released on Thursday night, according to the artist record company, Rock Records (滾石唱片). 

The popular artist announced the upcoming song, a collaboration with his friends Alan Ko (柯有倫) and Bobby Dou (竇智孔), in a post to Instagram earlier this month. 

Asked about the song, the music producer, Alan Ko, said: “I saw inspiration in the three friends who saw each other’s perseverance and perseverance on the road to success.”  

Alien Huang passed away on Sept. 16 in his residence in Taipei. (Courtesy of Alien Huang, Facebook)

I hope the song inspires all those who encounter difficulties or setbacks, he said, before inviting fans to check Rock Records’ official YouTube channel. 

It is inspired by the song “Stupid Child” performed by Blackie Ko, Jacky Wu and Andy Lau in 2007 of which the music producer expressed hope to spread the same simplicity, happiness and positive energy in these difficult times.  

More importantly, the new song aims to encourage everyone to pull together and go through the hardship of the pandemic, Alan Ko said.   

Huang announced the upcoming song in his last post on Instagram, a collaboration with his friends Alan Ko (柯有倫) and Bobby Dou (竇智孔).  (Courtesy of Alien Huang/Instagram)

The producer believes that with the music, everyone will be able to go through the tough times and pass on Huang’s warmth and positivity.

“The Most Romantic Concert on Earth” is scheduled to be held at Legacy Taipei on October 6, at 7 p.m. The concert will be co-hosted by Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) and KID.  

Various friends of Huang will join the concert to share a message, song, or video about the singer’s various perspectives and his life story.

This event will be broadcast live online.