Iconic ‘I am Taiwanese’ T-shirt to sell in Taiwan

Photos courtesy of politikunatriku.cz/Instagram

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Czech company that designed and produced the “I am Taiwanese” T-shirts announced on Wednesday that their products can be pre-order on Taiwan’s e-commerce platforms.

The company thanked Taiwan’s enthusiastic responses and expressed hope that they will visit Taiwan someday.

According to the Czech website, politikunatriku.cz, the “I am Taiwanese” T-shirt, which features the sentence in both Czech and English, was first launched in September.

In less than a week, the company said it was overwhelmed with orders and related inquiries. The company then announced that it was looking for a local partner to make T-shirts in Taiwan in order to meet the demand of Taiwanese people.

According to local Taiwan media, the Czech company announced that the T-shirt production line has been handed over to the Czech-based climbing gear brand, Ocun, in Taiwan.

Interested parties can now order the T-shirts on Shopee for NT$290 each.

If you wish to order the T-shirt, you may need to pay NT$60-150 for shipping and wait for about 15 days to receive your order.