Creative hydrangea accessories symbolize spring eternity

TAIPEI (The China Post)  — “I like the feeling of unity and warmth it gives me”

Hydrangea flowers can only be seen in the spring. Their ephemeral colors symbolize heartfelt emotion and gratitude.

In Hong Kong, a jewelry maker eternizes the beauty of Hydrangeas by refining it into timeless pieces ranging from rings, earrings, bangles to headpieces.

By using real flower petals imported from Japan, Hilary crafts ball-shaped jewelry. Given that the flower is extremely delicate and difficult to mold, she does not replicate hydrangea designs with any metallic elements.

Instead, it is shone under UV light after being attached to a customized hydrangea-themed piece adorned with pearls, crystals and stones. This is a craft that requires vision and planning as it “only takes a few seconds for UV lights to harden the flower”.

The hydrangea can no longer be reshaped or altered afterward, eternalizing its beauty in a blink of time.