23-year-old rapper OSN responds to high school bullying accusations

OSN was recently accused of bullying his a classmate during his high school year thanked the alleged victim for coming forward. (Courtesy of OSN/Instagram and SKR PRESENTS)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan singer-rapper OSN (高爾宣) posted on Thursday a photo of his encounter with a high school classmate following a string of bullying accusations that recently resurfaced on Instagram. 

OSN thanked his former classmate for his willingness to speak against rumors that the 23-year-old rapper forced him to take off his clothes and appear in a controversial video when they were in high school. 

The rapper already apologized on Sept. 19 on Instagram for the alleged inappropriate actions during his teenage years.

OSN posted a photo of his meal with his former high school classmate. (Courtesy of OSN/Instagram)

The alleged victim also clarified what happened during high school on Dcard, a Taiwan-based social media platform. 

“It was all fun and games. There’s no bullying,” he said while claiming to be the person in the controversial video.

The social user explained that there was a lot of fuss about sharing the naked video, but it was all settled by then.

OSN made a post to Instagram on Thursday in which he said that he has been reunited with his former classmate. (Courtesy of OSN/Instagram)

Still, OSN stressed that his company will take legal action against anyone who tries to spread false information and malicious attacks against him online.

The Taiwanese singer, rapper and songwriter who won the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best New Asian Artist in 2019, added that he will get back to work as soon as possible.