BTS經紀公司股票上市!台灣粉絲蜂擁搶投資?|Taiwan BTS fans chasing South Korea’s Big Hit IPO

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【看CP學英文】繼韓國男團「防彈少年團」(BTS) 經紀公司Big Hit娛樂宣布即將於10月上市,防彈少年團的粉絲皆蠢蠢欲動,準備投資天團股票。

Fervor is building among staunch supporters of South Korean boy band BTS as they want to secure at least one share of the K-pop label.

據報導,Big Hit 娛樂期望在股票上市前能吸引BTS的粉絲一同來投資。

Order books have opened this week for next month’s listing and Big Hit Entertainment is betting that the public will be attracted by the success of the 7-member band.

據韓國媒體報導,Big Hit 計畫以每股10.5萬至13.5萬韓元(約新台幣2,614元至3,361元)的價格發行約713萬股新股。

According to Korean media, Big Hit plans to offer about 7.13 million new shares, priced between 105,000 won and 135,000 won per share.


However, since Korean stocks are not as common as those from the U.S., Taiwan fans who want to purchase such stocks will need to apply through local securities firms, such as Mega Bank, Yuanta Bank and KGI Bank. 

During the initial public offering, only those who have an account at a Korean brokerage firm can participate in the lottery, which will likely happen if there are too many people vying to buy the shares.

If you miss this opportunity to buy shares, you will need to wait until after the listing or later, given the high publicity given to this IPO by international media.

歷年來,BTS於音樂殿壇上不斷創新高,近期發行的Dynamite單曲也在「告示牌百大單曲榜」(Billboard Hot 100)上榮登第一。

BTS was the first South Korean group to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with their catchy song “Dynamite”.

Big Hit 期望IPO規模上看9626億韓圓(約240億新台幣),也會使其成為南韓3年來最大IPO

Big Hit aims to raise up to 962.6 billion won in the IPO, which will be the largest in South Korea in the last three years.

Big Hit 執行長房時爀 (Bang Si-hyuk)於八月時也大方的將68,385的股份轉給每一位BTS成員, 此舉也讓每位成員成為百萬富翁。

Thanks to the Big Hit’s list, seven BTS members are expected to become multimillionaires, as CEO Bang Si-hyuk gave them 68,385 shares in August.

有許多BTS粉絲已計畫在成員的生日或其他紀念日購買Big Hit股票。

Some BTS fans plan to buy Big Hit shares for their birthdays or other anniversaries of the band members.


A 12-year-old BTS fan in Seoul told foreign media that she wants to buy one share for V’s birthday (Kim Hyung-tae (金泰亨), one of the band members) so that she could eventually meet the band members at a future shareholders’ meeting.