Japanese woman lists reasons why not murdering husband so far

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — By creating a list, you’re clearly outlining what needs to get done and when.

That’s precisely the reason why a Japanese woman recently started listing the important reason why not murdering her husband, to the surprise of her better half and Twitter.

The husband, Twitter user @P_chan_papa, said that he noticed how his wife started listing things she would “thank her husband for,” such as helping her buy some tea and spending a lot of time with their three-year-old daughter.  

When he asked the reasons behind the list, however, the response he received was: “So that I won’t kill you someday.”  

When she can’t stand her husband anymore, the woman said that all she has to do is pick up this list so that she can remember all his good deeds.  

The list reminds her that he’s not all bad and he still deserves to live, he explained.

The tweet has garnered wide responses, with some saying that “Marriage is terrifying.”  

In response to the tweet, however, a social media user said, “This just convinces me I should never get married,” while another wrote, “If she has to write down the little things you do for her, it sounds like you’re not doing any big things.” 

“Your wife sounds like a positive, grateful person with a great sense of dark humor,” one commented.   

The social media user then responded that maybe marriage can be terrifying at times, but the married life with his wife is also “incredibly fun.”    

“She’s the coolest. Making the effort not to kill your husband really is important,” he wrote in response to other users’ comments.   

He also updated on the follow-up, saying that now his wife has started making a gratitude list so that she won’t take ‘obvious’ acts of kindness for granted.  

“I talked to my wife a little more,” @P_chan_papa said in a follow-up, “and she said she started writing the lists so that she won’t take ‘obvious’ acts of kindness for granted.