Taiwan Golden Bell | Celebrities in tears at Alien Huang’s tribute video

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With the recent passing of so many artists in Taiwan, the annual tribute video in honor of deceased artists during the 55th Golden Bell Awards left many celebrities in tears on Saturday night.

The video paid tribute to deceased onstage and offstage workers in the entertainment industry, including Serena Liu (劉真), Wu Pong-fong (吳朋奉), Yang Guan-yu (楊冠玉), Luo Pei-ying (羅霈穎), Godfrey Gao (高以翔), and more.

The photo of Alien Huang who passed away on Sep. 16 was seen at the end of the annual tribute video. (Screenshot from the live broadcast on YouTube)

A sound clip of Alien Huang, in particular, left more celebrities in tears, including Sam Tseng (曾國城), Chen Han-dian (陳漢典) and Hsu Hsiao-shun (許效舜).

The singer and actor who passed away on Sept. 16 said: “Wow, is this the end of the road? Sure, it’s the last step, bye!” 

Godfrey Gao (高以翔)(Screenshot from the live broadcast on YouTube)

Taiwanese veteran TV host Belle Yu (于美人), introduced the tribute video with a quote of a poem by Hu Shih (胡適). She read: “I’ve been holding back tears for days, but I never had a chance to cry. There’s no one else around for a few days. I’ll cry my eyes out.”

“The frustration has been swept away, so I can be comfortable for a few days, pull myself together and laugh with people again,” she continued.

Serena Liu (劉真) (Screenshot from the live broadcast on YouTube)

The 55th Golden Bell Awards for the TV industry was held Saturday in Taipei, with 190 nominated entries vying in 39 award categories this year.

The Golden Bell Awards recognizes outstanding TV productions and is one of three major annual awards presented in Taiwan, along with the Golden Melody Awards for music and the Golden Horse Awards for film.