Japanese Vtubers suspended for 3 weeks for talking about Taiwan

Kiryu Coco(left) and Akai Haato (right)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Hololive Vtubers (virtual YouTubers) Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato are grounded for three weeks for allegedly mentioning “Taiwan” during a livestream session related to their viewer ratings, according to a statement released on Sunday by their management company, Cover.

Foreign media pointed out that the suspension will begin on Sept. 28 and end on Oct. 19.

The two Vtubers reportedly referred to “Taiwan” time and again for which Cover argues that they violated “guidelines and contractual obligations by divulging confidential information” and were also “making statements insensitive to certain nationalities.”

Fans immediately took issue with the suspension and were quick to point out that talking about viewer ratings hardly violated “divulging confidential information” as many other Vtubers had also done before.


This led many to point the finger to the “One China policy” as the main reason behind their temporary ban. 

With a combined 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, fans of both Vtubers will have to wait for 3 weeks before their return. 

Akai Haato has since referred to the unilateral decision on Twitter, writing that she will be resurrected on Oct. 19 when the suspension ends.

In reference to the suspension, Akai Haato revealed that she will be “resurrected” on Oct. 19. (Screengrab from Twitter)