Motorist freaks out at dangling white arm on side of Taiwan bus

Photo courtesy of 靈異公社/Facebook

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A motorist recently witnessed a creepy white arm dangling out of the side of a bus in Taiwan, seemingly trying to grab something on the ground.

The terrifying video, which has recently attracted a lot of attention online, was captured by the motorists’ dashcam and posted Tuesday on the “Supernatural” (靈異公社) Facebook Group.

The motorist can be seen approaching the side of a bus at night when a white arm suddenly extends outward through the slit of the bus door.

The hand successfully grabs something on the ground then retracts inside the bus.


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If you have a closer look at the video, however, you will see that the commuter successfully retrieved his or her phone which had accidentally slipped through the door slit.

Many commented below the video that it was a good thing that the “ghost month” is over in Taiwan or some people might actually believe that it was a ghost.

Others praised the motorist for keeping his cool and not immediately toppling over after seeing the hair-raising scene first-hand.