What to wear to wedding in Taiwan sparks online discussions

The collage shows the wedding ceremony (left) and the dress posted by the Reddit user. (Shutterstock/u/kbeltw/Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — What to wear to a wedding is always frustrating as different countries and cultures have different rules and taboos.

A foreigner in Taiwan recently posted this question on Reddit with a photo of a black dress, asking people if it is appropriate to wear that at a wedding banquet in Taiwan. 

The post immediately attracted heated discussions among social media users.

“Is it appropriate to wear this dress to a wedding banquet in Taiwan?” 

The social media user said she wasn’t sure if the color was appropriate and didn’t want to wear an informal outfit even if other people were wearing jeans and sneakers like it is often the case in Taiwan.  

She sought advice from other foreigners who attended a Taiwan wedding before.

 A recent Reddit post reads: “Is it appropriate to wear this dress to a wedding banquet in Taiwan?” (Courtesy of u/kbeltw/Reddit)

In response to the post, one commented that this style of dress is fine.

In addition, the user wrote that the wedding dress depends on what city you are in, how traditional the wedding isand whether the venue is at a hotel or on the street (banquet).  

Another user said that you shouldn’t worry too much when you go to a wedding in Taiwan.

You might see someone wearing a suit and you might see an older man sitting next to you in a white gaga and blue and white slippers, he said.

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Another said that the dress code depends on where the wedding is being held.

If it is in a hotel, then it’s more western style. On the other hand, if the ceremony will unfold on the street, then it’s more traditional. 

In the U.S., female guests are not allowed to wear white dresses to weddings so as not to steal the bride’s glamour.

However, in Taiwan, the dressing may be relatively less important, and people are more concerned about how much is in the red envelope.