Japanese man unveils what it takes to take picture-perfect photo

(Courtesy of @kazuyaseki86/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In the era of social media, a picture-perfect photo is a must-have for many influencers.

There is, therefore, little wonder that photographers are sometimes tasked with the mission of capturing #Instaworthy photos at all costs.

The model stands in the middle of beautiful scenery. (Courtesy of @kazuyaseki86/Twitter)

A Japanese photographer recently shared the results of a photoshoot and the behind the scene process that led to the picture-perfect photo.

The side-by-side photos show a girl in a white dress in the middle of natural scenery while the photographer is seen with his head underwater in order to capture the perfect visual.  

The photographer has his head under the water. (Courtesy of @kazuyaseki86/Twitter)

The Japanese photographer, Kazuya Seki, commented on his personal Twitter account, saying with a smile that “this is what a photographer looks like when he is serious”

The tweet led many to praise his dedication and professionalism, while others commended him on his “waterproof” abilities.