British YouTuber teaches you how to make OREO mooncakes

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Eve Hemingway, an English teacher in Vietnam, recently invited her student Vinh to take on the challenge of making OREO mooncakes.

For the occasion, Vinh shared how Vietnam celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival which is slightly different from Taiwan.

Vinh, who grew up in Vietnam, said that he used to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with his family, eating mooncakes and taking part in street parades with neighboring children holding lanterns. 

Vinh (Left) and Eve Hemingway teach you how to make OREO mooncake (Screenshot taken from the video)

When every house turned out the lights, only the lanterns were left to light up the whole street, which was very beautiful, he recalled.

Eve remarked that DIY baking seems to be very popular in Vietnam.

OREO mooncake (Screenshot taken from the video)

So Vinh explained that most people used to buy mooncakes at local shops up to one month before the Mid-Autumn Festival, meaning that the cakes were full of preservatives.

That’s why more and more people choose to do mooncakes by themselves nowadays.

Eve Hemingway and her partner live in Vietnam and have a 3-year-old son. (Courtesy of Eve Hemingway)

In an interview with The China Post, Eve, who has lived in Vietnam for two years, said that every year the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 5 (Chinatown) is bustling with parades and a market.

Eve Hemingway and her partner live in Vietnam and have a 3-year-old son. (Courtesy of Eve Hemingway)

Mooncakes are also a huge part of the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Vietnam, she said.  

But traditions are still kept the same when eating them. The eldest person in the group needs to eat the first slice then everyone else can eat. 

However, there are still many people who are not interested in mooncakes, so the fillings have been adapted over years such as OREO mooncakes, Eve added.

I love the family aspect of the Mid-Autumn festival. My husband’s family is really big so it’s nice to get together to eat.

How to make OREO mooncake? 

For the filling: 

3 packs OREO biscuits  

Crush in a plastic bag 

Icing sugar 90g 

Sift icing sugar 

Cream cheese 800g 

Mix the icing sugar and cream cheese 

Add the crushed oreo 

Wrap and put in the fridge for 1 hour 

After 1 hour, roll into balls then put in the freezer  

 For the wrap: 

Icing sugar 200g 

Glutinous Rice Flour-200g 

Sift Icing sugar and flour 

Butter 120g 

Rub the butter into the sugar and flour 

Add hot water  160ml 

If the mix is watery, add icing sugar and flour 1:1 until dry 

Knead the mixture until smooth 

Divide and roll out the mixture 

Wrap the mixture around the filling 

The final stage: 

Put it into the mold and press 

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